The Anti-clown Clown Club

Tina (Napat Chinweerapunt)


Draw small circles with your belly
Round and round
Clockwise, counterclockwise
Bigger and bigger every time you draw a new circle

Shake your hands,
Up down left right
round and round
As if you’re trying to shake the skin off your flesh
Let all the joints loose

you may feel stupid but that’s ok
Allow you self to be perceived as stupid,

Raise your shoulders as high as you can
Then drop it
And again, raise and drop
Raise and drop
Faster and faster
Up down
Up down

Picture something that makes you want to smile
It could be the a place, a person, a memory, a moment
And simply
In case nothing comes to mind,
For the moment, just imagine how you currently look like from a third perspective
And give your self the biggest, brightest, stupidest smile your face could create
You are now in a safe bubble - Quite Physically. I would like to invite you into a playful and curious mind state where you leave all your past and future thoughts - all your doubts, and judgments, all social issues outside of your nose. Allow all social expectations, codes and conducts to exit your mind. Shed your social masks and any confinements weighing you down. For this short duration you are free - free to be vulnerable and unbreakable, free to fail and triumph, free to be tragic and light-hearted, all of which are taking place simultaneously and harmoniously.
In this short 15 minutes
We will discover a particular mind state
One where you allow yourself to be unchained
to be ridiculously honest
To be completely immersed
And utterly stupid
In this short 15 minuets
We will experience what it means
to be a clown.

- An extract from audio narrative, to be listened to while wearing the nose and immersing yourself in a virtual experience.