Spread like Wildfire

Sophie Liu Yee Yan

Networked Society


My project explores how to use design to create meaningful interchange of information between people to approach issues of our networked society.

Concerning people's lack of understanding of online behaviour and its implications, I designed a new experience to address the mysterious cyberspace, demonstrating its interconnectivity while exploring the responsibilities of a digital citizen.


The Hong Kong protest has served as an entry point to my approach cyberspace. As a networked social movement, it demonstrates the social significance of the internet and its connection with our physical settings. Data and research are collected to paint a bigger picture of this social organisation. Using the context of this political unrest, I analyse the emergence of graffiti, slogans and political sentiment that has originated from social media. I identified its rise, transformation and transition from the digital context to the city itself by creating an archive of graffiti and visualising online emotions.


“Spread like wildfire” is a simulation game based on my research. Using playability and entertaining aspects, I hope to engage the player with research more interactively and entertainingly to discuss a complex topic effortlessly. The story design and the tweeting interaction allow the player to experience how the internet changes the city.