Sam Ray



Suspiro is a network of aligned bodies that together begin to mimic an ecosystem

Suspiro is an exploration of what happens when these bodies come into messy contact with one another, and how we can begin to comprehend these experiences.

It is an attempt to situate these queerer loves amidst a desolate landscape.

Love without context, love without hope, love without future.

I am talking about love between strangers, in hotel rooms, darkened parks, and softly lit bedrooms.  This removal of context and future expands a meeting into a speculative encounter, with the possibility of love unfurling endlessly into the future. These speculations are normally flattened into a reality as a relationship progresses, but without that progression multitudes of futures can exist at once, endless futures creating myriads and vortexes.
Can we sustain these multitudes of love, with a grace and an ease and allow intimacies and notions of care to permeate from ourselves into countless others?

Juhani Pallasmaa suggests that “in creative work, a powerful identification and projection takes place; the entire bodily and mental constitution of the maker becomes the site of the work”, my resolve was strengthened. Perhaps this love, this state of loving, could become a radical way of creating:

“I think about 200 million years.
I think about forever.
I think about gum,
with the impression of your fingertip,
never fading,
extruding itself into the distant future.
I think about atom bombs,
and radiation,
endless nuclear fallout.
And then,
as I read more about Ginkgo trees,
I learn that in 1945, in Hiroshima,
after the nuclear bomb was dropped,
the only living things left in the entire blast radius,
that somehow survived,
were four Ginkgo trees.”