Home at Home

Nara Lee


What does your past homes mean to you?

I started this project to offer myself both physical and emotional access towards my home in Seoul in these uncertain times where everything became the past. How can I connect myself to the disconnected?

Using my own memories as database, I re-narrated the experiences from the relationships between myself and the space: as a human, a daughter, a sister and as a family member. The bed I loved more than my own bed. A type of cake my family used to have for celebrating a special day. The uncomfortable bathrooms.

A floor plan acts as metaphor for a space. It reflects the space, the way we live in, the way we interacts with within the space. Re-imagining the moments at the home with transforming this two dimensional versions of the space, I created the patterns.

‘Home at Home’ is a service to convert one’s memories of past homes into digital patterns that are designed to live in their current home. It is to revive those moments that are left in the past and also to connect their current home and the past homes. Because past isn't just past.

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