Becoming Witch

Moon Bedeaux

Transformative art
Natural Dyes



Driven by the question of how we can incorporate the power and teaching of medicinal and Magical herbs into a design practice, whilst challenging and reshaping the power constructs of gender roles. Moon Bedeaux explores this through her use of natural dyes, knowledge of herbs and craft in order to spark conversation for change.


Becoming Witch is an agent for change. A platform created to address our disconnect from the planet, each other and The Divine Feminine - (This is the positive expression of feminine energies that resides within us all.) Due to patriarchal dominion, a great imbalance has occurred…

When I refer to the archetype of the witch, this is not as a maleficent sorcerer.“this is someone who honours the Earth and all of nature, including humanity as divine, sees the divine as male, female, and beyond, someone who honours the cycles of life, partners with the universe to create change, and actively serves for the greater good, then you have a Witch” - Christopher Penczak

By Becoming witch we are learning how to behave in a more conscious way, through embracing our divine feminine.

With this in mind, I was interested in how I could use design to create an artefact, that would function as a healing tool, to help us reconnect back to ourselves and Mother Earth. Through the process of “Witchcrafting”, I set out to create a magical carpet…

For Millenia, Herbs have been used as a powerful medicinal and magical healing tool, aiding us topically, internally and spiritually. I called upon certain herbs, crystals and the energy of the Full Moon, to guide me and permeate their wisdom throughout the fibres of the carpet, transforming them energetically.

Undertones of lanolin glide through every strand. Sustainably sourced and naturally hand dyed lamb’s wool, pierce the under-cloth, becoming swirling in circular forms. Fluid yet intentional, the design embodies archetypes from the tarot:


A pair of coiling snakes dance around this infinite form. Their structures symbolising our DNA, rebirth and transformation.

Inviting you to heal through experience. the carpet is a sacred space for individuals and communities to engage in conversations and participation that invokes change and inspires hope.

This would also be offered as a bespoke service to individuals who are feeling a sense of disconnect from themselves and their environment, who would benefit from this healing tool, as a transformational space to contemplate, meditate and journal on. As well as corporations, who have happiness and wellness programmes for employees. This could function as an interesting device within these environments.

Intended to travel to galleries, cultural festivals and community spaces, where a speaker would be invited to work with the carpet, on their given topic - this could open up to many areas where in the past, groups and individuals have been excluded. By bringing diverse communities together, who have not been heard, creates a powerful arena for healing to take place. After the talk, participants from the audience would be allowed to step onto the carpet and given the opportunity to speak. Operating in the same way as a talking stick. Thereby, creating a democratic space.

You don’t need a ticket to ride, the carpet is open to all.