“I’m obsessed with being relaxed”:
A project about herbalism

Megan Watson



This is an atmosphere converting herbalism practises, concepts and history into design methods.

Here there is a chair, elongated for your comfort. The low, long and sturdy structure supports you.

Four legs, pillars formed by nature and retaining their organic shape, ground the base. The base is long, two meters to be exact. Flowing up to a triangular, one hundred and thirty degrees back and headrest.

The rest has extra padding, which curves over the back slightly into a rounded shape, meeting a small shelf at the back of the chair. The padding is thick and comforting, also containing dried lavender. Sending a light cloud of relaxing scent as you get comfortable, slowly fading between movements.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...

The surface of the chair is perfect to lay on. It's gentle to look at and welcoming to feel. A combination of hand and machine embroidery grow over the surface. Large sections of long, soft hemp wool trail over each other in heavy layers of naturally dyed colour. Delicate sections of chamomile yellow shine through flowing shades of rose petal pink and gradually fade into rosemary green, earthy tones.

Amongst the abstract patterns, inspired by natural forms, there are detailed sections. A large singular lavender stem leans over the bottom section of the chair towards a rose, shedding petals that reach up towards two branches of rosemary that frame the head rest. Holding you and your imagination right above an outline of a shell. All-natural things are connected.

The shell represents the mythological and historical connections between plants, the sea, the sky, planets, star signs and gods.

The chair sinks, drips, oozes, pollinates, sings and lights up the space around it. Creating, belonging and becoming a part of it.

Here we have an atmosphere, it's warm with a soft breeze that clears your thoughts and carries the light with it. There are fields and growing hills of lavender that chase still crystal lakes, and sounds that fill the air and settle in shells.

One, two, three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.