How to be a Daddy

Marta Company Soler


How to be a Daddy is a journey to discover how to become a dad, physically. My dad. My father figure. To use design methods to have the weight, the height, the nose, the hands of a daddy, to be able to walk, drink, and write like a daddy.

But a daddy is a complex figure, since a dad is as much a physical body as he is a construction, an image, a memory. He is such a complex figure I had to physically embody him to realise that I’ve been trying to become my dad since I was a kid, or at least, the ideal of adulthood he represents. To become a (d)adult.

To be a daddy, you need to acknowledge this tension between what it is a real and what it is constructed. You need to look at your dad from a new perspective, re-contextualise him through his body, how he moves, how he walks, how he feels. To be a daddy, you need to understand what makes your dad for you: what memories, histories, expectations. How much of it relates to the real dad that moves, breaths, sweats, and how much of it has become an ideal adult figure to emulate.