A Metabolic Paradise

Luke Spence



This is a scenario that combines metabolic processes, architecture and medical devices to illustrate the makability of the body and the fact that this body can have its ecology designed relative to possible interactions within a particular setting

The work explores the intimate relationship between human bodies and medical technologies, expressed through a proposed environment that disturbs socio-cultural, ecological and metabolical norms.

Designed to provoke new bodily appreciations and to provide an insight into possible futures of body territory; it sees the elaboration and extrusion of Calcium metabolic processes and Vitamin D synthesis in human skin into a scenario that possesses a resort culture and identifies as a paradisiacal environment for body growth .

The scenario itself is situated on the summit of Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador given its geographical and equatorial relation to the Sun. This place considers the varying azimuths of the Sun throughout the day to maximise the interaction with the Sun therefore bettering the metabolic and synthesising potential.

These essential movements allow for the absorption of Calcium in the body, which is vital if we are to maintain the health of our bones and teeth. It is also required for the processes that facilitates the growth of bone. This scenario can be considered to be a place that facilities the growth of the body in a progressive and refining sense. 

A series of objects, images and computational pieces have been produced for this scenario, in order to provide a metabolic elaboration and an ecological disturbance through the design of environments and interactive pieces.

The same Hydroxyapatite that is used in bone graft substitution Invisalign retainers designed to realign your teeth to prevent the crunching of ice. Earthenware ceramics with a Hydroxyapatite grog. Hawley retainer manipulations Calcium rich cocktail menu