One Man Anti Racism Agency

Kwang Kim


One Man Anti Racism AD Agency

One Man Anti Racism AD Agency is a project agency run by a designer, Kwang Kim, aiming to spread a better understanding of racism in London where we live.

Unless particularly interested in the issue, it is not easy to learn how to distinguish between right and wrong in terms of racial issues. Even regular education of the nation doesn’t give enough learning to the people. The agency has conducted campaigns through a variety of methods from poster to AR technology in order to provide 'momentary lesson' to Londoners.  It aims not only to be an advertisement but a momentary lesson that can educate people against racism. It will give people an opportunity to understand racism by self-questioning and answering.

1. 'We need to face the problem' Poster

This is a lenticular poster. When a passer-by just glances at this poster from the side, only a phrase, ‘Asia Virus’ would be visible. However, if the passer-by finally faces it from the front, it will deliver its real message, ‘Racism is the real virus’. Furthermore, it delivers a message that racial issues are multidimensional and that is why we need to face the issue from the right point of view.

We installed the poster in Shoreditch and Soho area in London, when Racism to Asians was getting worse at the beginning of the outbreak of the virus.

2. My Skin Is Saying’ AR filter

This is an AR filter for Instagram. After its user taps the screen, it automatically selects a random quote against racism and shows it on the face skin in 8 seconds. It can be screenshotted and shared with adding users' opinion through the Instagram story. It uses skin as a billboard to deliver truths about race and racism. A better understanding can well spread by high contagiousness of social networks. 

3. 'Skin is a billboard against racism' Bus Grab handle

This is a bus grab handle with a message carved on the surface. In a few seconds after grabbing the handle on a bus or tube, it leaves a skin pressure mark containing a message, ‘Race doesn’t exist’ on the user’s palm skin. And the person can naturally check the message on the palm after getting off.