Kei Un Vanessa Van


The human body responds to the changing environment readily.

This ability to rapidly adapt to different environmental conditions has made it possible for us to survive in most of the places in the world.
Architects’ data provides an essential reference for the initial design and plan for a building project. It offers a mass of data on spatial requirements and also covers planning criteria and consideration of function and siting. The diagrams didn’t take comforts or human needs into consideration, as it shows the human body as a robotic-like feature and also standardised human body into data.

How well can the human body perform in the architectural world?

Can we train our bodies to meet the criteria of the architects’ data?

The human body can change in the shape of the object caused by the application of force; the deformation is proportional to the force applied within the limits of the human body. Standardology is a physical body correction system developed in the 21st century by Vanessa Van.
In the essay “Attention to the Human Body”, Vanessa Van presents the idea of the architect’s data diagram and how it standardised human body into a robotic-like object. She shows her method as a practice of movement, which should look and feel like training when adequately established.
It emphasises alignments, breathing, developing a strong mind of control and improving coordination and balance.

She believed there was a way to develop the physique to high levels of strength and standard, under the control of practice to get closer to the standard of the architect’s data – and named this method “Standardology”.Standardology is an ideal system to transform the body into a perfect instrument of the architects’ standard. It is complete coordination of body, mind and the environment, through it, first, you will need full control of your own body. Subsequently, through proper repetition of exercises, practitioners gradually and progressively acquire that natural position and standard of the architect’s data.

People who are working from home or office for an extended period can use the object from the environment and train their body and get closer to the diagram. Standardology will be worked as the format of a website, different videos will be uploaded to the website, and the user can watch the video or download the graphic instruction to train their body.

Apart from the basic Standardology which include chair, table, couch and wall, there is a section for DIY props, which allow the user to be more flexible with their body measurement. Our bodies are not fixed; they change over time; they vary in alteration in the environment; the objects that our bodies interact with will also affect the human body. From history, people have been using an item to change the shape of their body to look pretty.

The posture defines who we are, whatever meaning we give to our bodies, our bodies and our characters are flexible.

So, by changing nothing in the built environment, we adapt our bodies to the objects around us.