Embody Change: A Toolkit For Growth

Hannah Edwards


Have you ever felt a certain way but not quite had the words to describe it?

Your body knew exactly how you felt but your body and mind couldn’t seem to work together to use words to express it. Your tears knew how you felt, your headaches knew it, your racing heartbeat knew it. You decided to keep calm and carry on, but keeping calm and carrying on never dealt with the sadness, the confusion or the anger. You tried to learn to accept it but you didn't feel any relief. And talking didn’t help - going over and over and over what happened or how you felt didn’t change anything.

Countless children across the world experience adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and they’re often expected to become adults without having processed or discussed what they went through. In the UK, generally speaking private counselling is expensive, NHS counselling has long waiting times and low cost counselling is rare or short term; these factors determine who can access these services. The activities I've adapted and designed don’t replace a trained therapist or counsellor but they encourage you to ask yourself: 'who knows my mind and body better than I do?' All of the activities can be done from the security of your own home and can help you to process the feelings that your body knows but you may not always be able to put into words or let go of.