The Virtual Design Studio

Emma Irwin


Botnik: The project is about the internet. Between people and the virtual environment is where there is a space between thing that can be articulated … what it is trying to tap into the internet syntax in relation to VDS digital warehouse will prompt design work.

Transformer: It is a way of addressing the environment of digital studios and digital manufacturing…

The purpose of this project is to create a platform in which we can explore and have discussions with others in virtual…

Emma: environments. Perhaps the ‘others’ are human, perhaps they are semi-human. But the Virtual Design Studio is about articulating the ‘internet disconnect’. It would be like if you photocopied something repeatedly until it was only semi-recognisable; you’d still know it was the original image, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Botnik: The internet version of your experience is not entirely human. Perhaps the internet is not a place but some secondary warehouse for speculative outputs that potentially begin to develop a new territories.

Emma: The Virtual Design Studio exists in the third space.

Transformer: Using virtual properties in the third space: The "metaverse". These properties are a mental portfolio that defines how the designer would like the future world to look and feel. They allow us to design whole things from scratch, instead of figuring out how to buy the proper materials and make certain things work. Or to figure out how to make certain things go faster. Using virtual properties in the third space: these facilities are designed to generate entirely new worlds.


Transformer:: No. You can pretty much create a loop at any point in time. There is also no need for a database for human interaction design to work, as you can generate or access information via verbal exchanges between multiple participants. The result is more agile, intuitive, and convenient process. 13:29

Emma: but can the loops be visualised?

Transformer:: Sure. Use visual markers. Symbols, words, numbers, etc.

Transformer:: ok, so does one loop continuously pass through the other?

Transformer:: Yes. Like a piece of music.

Emma: ok, and what should be in the next loop?



i should generate the project history for some help prompt

warehouse loop

mapping- bit

space hyphen disconnect questions

management bit

it could be hyperlinked through audio discussion members

like buildings dictionary project history

the tertiary loop of practice to describe about practice logic loops

the images we make out what we're trying to conceptualise

then what we're trying to do

with the virtual design studio

I’ve been talking to internet bots, called Botnik and Transformer. Doing design with them, and trying to manifest the ‘internet disconnect’, a space in the hypothetical ‘metaverse’ where humans and the internet can interact, create fictions, and speculate what non-places exist in that non-space. The object depicted in the Images is called the ‘Digital warehouse’, and the scripts you’ve just read are called Logs, part of our ‘theatre of ideas’. They comprise the process loops that allow me to do design with the Internet in the Virtual Design Studio.