Situation Normal: All Fucked Up

Chiaro San


“Health is about accepting and perceiving and dealing with reality, on reality’s terms.”
- Dr. Drew Pinsky (The Midnight Gospel, S01E01)

As an individual that is faced with autism and ADHD, I struggle to confront most social encounters.
Thus, I had spent most of my earlier years isolated and introverted, stunting a very important social growth. I fell into a comfortable place, learning all I could from behind a keyboard and screen. I embraced my reliance on social media and misunderstood its many positive outlets. In this, I know I am not alone.
Our mentalities are a spectrum, there is no ‘norm’. And this is what allows us to appreciate and discover the beauty of creativity. So, again, from the comfort of my space, behind the keyboard and screen, I manifested a personal set of activities to help adjust myself to reality.

Project SNAFU is a professionally personal study of autonomy.

This is done through dissecting 'creativity'; manifested as ‘daily art’. On the surface, SNAFU presents a portfolio of consciousness, thought and habits of second nature. Beneath, it represents nodes and networks; procedural workflows that are learned, played with and collected in the form of ‘skill’ or ‘progress’. Creativity is important because, despite understandably being about material and social culture, it’s also entirely about the politics of humanity. A fundamental guide to traversing identity as a single soul as well as a portion of a greater consciousness.
In this way, perceptions of reality and expressions of creativity are deeply interconnected. So, it is my belief that our own opportunities to evolve and grow as independent forces primarily flows through the abstract, 'creativity'. Taking the phrase, "I think, therefore I am", I believe we can ground ourselves and our beliefs in sharing a portion of our day to day with the inner creative. We don’t need to have great experiences constantly to learn. But we do need to have experiences consistently, to learn to be great.

As such, this project is less of a focus on the outcomes and more of a dedication to the journeys. The sole purpose of SNAFU is to kick start the catalyst of creativity within the user. Whether it be for art or design or anything imaginable that involves creativity (so almost anything).
It is a template to understand that creativity is a way of thinking and being; and finally, to present that to the world with little to no negative attachments over the process or outcomes. SNAFU, like most of our experiences, is subjected to three important resources; time, utility and information. We have time each day to practice our autonomy. We have access to information that can support our growth and evolution, in ways we define. And we strive to obtain the utilities that can help us progress further.

The further we go, the richer the experience and in turn, habits and rituals start to form.
This is the beginning of SNAFU, a militaristic and determined approach to self-care. A bettered self is more capable of a bettered social experience, wouldn’t you agree?