The Devout
Arianne Gor


The Devout is a film that tells the story of a Christian vlogger who discovers the existence of the Church of Mammon, a capitalist cult. The film involves a host of objects – their design genre is historical fiction. The objects are part of the storytelling effort to manifest the identity, personality of the religion that is Capitalism.

My work addresses a site of design that collides capitalism and religion together. The foundation of the project is based off of a religious lifestyle and cross-cultivating that onto a seemingly ‘secular’ system – Capitalism. Taking my knowledge of what a faith-centred life encompasses, from devotion, attention, aspirations and goals, I cement that into a cult of Capitalism. This offers a new ‘devout-aware’ perspective on normalised phenomena.

The design of the Church of Mammon exists in order to display parallels between the societal and economic system of Capitalism and the worship rituals of a religious person/people and analyse agendas, mindsets, and ideologies. I filtered the concept of ‘heaven on earth’ and ‘god(s)’ and ‘prophets’ into a culture that orbits around the ideals of money, wealth, success, and the dream life.