The Portrait

Annabel Millward

When Nobody's Watching
A Portrait

The Portrait, this is my third-year project that acknowledges and creates conversation surrounding the societal and cultural issues that arise from a world obsessed with technology and social media.

To achieve something within the breadth of this issue, I have honed the project to focus specifically on the detriment of believing you can know a person by what you see on social media. As well as hoping to make the user consider their own technological footprint within a global invasion of privacy, due to living within a world consumed by technology and social platforms.

I have designed my final piece to exist within a gallery space, to address social media and technology using an audience. Once it has grabbed the attention of its audience, I hope that it will break down the invisible barriers that prevent human beings from being completely honest, to make the user think about how much they can tell about a person by following them on Instagram. It will break down these barriers with its candidness, within The Portrait I do not just reveal the highlight reel, but the parts of life no one would choose to show, but within a world covered in at least 770 million CCTV cameras you don’t have a choice it what you want or do not want to be seen.