When I Walk Around My Home

Adina Grecu

Artificial Intelligence

“When I walk around my home” began more as a question than an idea. I kept wondering if technology, and later innovation, would ever become obsolete. This inquiry, along with my fascination with “The Weird And The Eerie” by Mark Fisher, sprung forth a series of experiments that focused mainly (and inevitably) on the creation and curation of narratives. Stories sit at the basis of everything we do and know, permeating cultures, lifestyles, histories. The storytelling mechanisms we use are so human that it seems, even at this time, wrong to put it in the hands of machines, which is precisely why I did it. Writing experiments turned into script writing, which then evolved into filmmaking. “When I Walk Around My Home” is a platform through which I wish to invite people to create a short film with A.I. in the intimacy of their home. Throughout the time I produced these clips, I designed a framework which allows people to interact with filmmaking and algorithms in a creative way, while also accommodating the isolation measures. I designed a way of doing, through which I want to encourage people to rediscover their homes through film and artificial intelligence.The results are slightly uncanny films, aimed at raising questions about the creative relationship we have with A.I. software. These outputs have, more or less intentional, walking as a central subject. The action of walking conveys the human side of this human/machine duet, with the machine “scripting” the human side on what to do. And so, walking becomes the centrepiece of an unusual relationship that ought to become more and more common. Whilst the films represent movement, the spatial limitations imposed by isolating at home provide the greatest framework for redefining the meanings attached to our personal space. We have no choice but to exist in this limited space, so why not turn it upside down and bend it to our will? Now my home is a theatre, a cottage, a haunted house and anything else in between. And so, “when I walk around my home” the machine scripts different narratives for me, stories which find their portrayal in short films with endless meanings.